Child Protection Policy

Statement of Commitment and Intent

Slough Junior Athletic Club has a duty of care to safeguard all members of the Club, namely children and young people, from all forms of abuse including physical, emotional, racial, religious or sexual, and to provide a safe environment for them whilst they are in its care.

All children have a right to protection and the needs of disabled or impaired children and others who may be particularly vulnerable must be taken into account.

Policy Statement The aim of the SJAC Child Protection Policy is:-

1. To promote good practice with respect to the Code of Conduct and Behaviour of all coaches and volunteer helpers at all times.

All volunteer helpers and coaches, when working with young athletes will:


  • Treat everyone with equal respect

  • Provide an example for others to follow

  • Ensure the ratio of qualified / experienced adult helpers and coaches is appropriate to the activity

  • Address attitudes or behaviour in others that are unacceptable

  • Not work alone nor be alone with young athletes

  • Engage only in appropriate physical or verbal contact

  • Not show favouritism to any individual

2. To implement clear procedures and guidelines for coaches and volunteer helpers with respect to cases of suspected or alleged child abuse.

In cases of suspected or alleged child abuse, The Club recognises that the investigation of child abuse is a highly skilled process that must be left to competent professional staff. The role of the Club is to report or pass on suspicions or allegations to the appropriate authority.

If child abuse is suspected the Club will:


  • Establish a written record and evidence the facts that support the suspicion

  • Report the facts to the Club Welfare Officer and Chair immediately, who will then be tasked with progressing the appropriate follow-up actions

If child abuse is reported / alleged:

  • The welfare of the child / young person is paramount

  • It is preferable that an independent third person (adult) is present to corroborate the statement given / behaviour explained by the child / young person

  • Listen to the child / young person without interruption, sufficiently only to gauge the seriousness of the report / allegation

  • Inform the child / young person that the information will be passed on to someone who can help them

  • Record and report the facts immediately to the Club Welfare Officer and Chair, who will then take action to inform the appropriate authority

  • Ensure that no one alleged to be involved is placed in a position that could cause compromise

3. To implement  procedures to ensure volunteer helpers and coaches, who are likely to come into contact with the children / young persons, are appropriately vetted, trained and supported in relation to all issues of child protection.

  • All adults working in the role of volunteer helpers or as coaches during Club activities must be committed to the Code of Behaviour and Good Practice.

  • It is the responsibility of the Committee to ensure all Volunteer Helpers are fully aware and confident to comply with the Club’s Codes of Practice and Good Behaviour Guidelines.

  • Every Coach and Committee Member, at the first opportunity, will be specifically trained in Child Protection Issues. Their skills and experience can be then be utilised at any opportunity to support and advise a volunteer helper.

  • To ensure that all laws and guidance provided by statutory and sports governing bodies are complied with at all times, to ensure the well being of the children and the protection of their rights. This includes, for example, photographing children competing or involved in training sessions and any action taken in the event of bullying.

  • It is the collective responsibility of the Committee and Child Welfare Officer to ensure all adult Club volunteer helpers likely to come into contact with children or young people are registered with the Club as having completed a Self Declaration of Criminal Convictions, and reserves the right to request the completion of an Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check.

  • All coaches are registered with the Club as having completed an Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check.

  • Records of Self Declaration of Criminal Convictions and Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks  will be managed by the Committee and Child Welfare Officer. All details will be retained securely as confidential.


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Child Welfare

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