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Club Ethos & Vision

"Our goal is to enable young people from the age of 5 to
begin a journey to realise their potential as runners,
hurdlers, throwers and jumpers through skill acquisition and mastery in a fun and engaging environment."


While this may be our vision in athletic terms, we also want our athletes to develop an attitude towards sport and competition that benefits them in all walks of life as they grow up.  Sometimes this ethos can be difficult to express so we've tried to describe it through the statements below.


Being a SJAC athlete is a journey that...

Starts with the basics

There are things you must think about before you even dream about being the best, winning races or medals.  Regardless of any 'natural talents' you may enjoy, there are basic skills you need to develop which will form the foundation of your sporting future.

Is special

You are part of a team that works hard to be the best and enjoys the satisfaction that comes with achievement.

Requires a quiet inner drive

That is in every training session and in every competition - you do your best. You give your best effort, push yourself harder. You don't need to tell everyone about your dedication and desire.  You focus on the task,  striving to master that skill before moving on to execute it with consistency. Medals and trophies are not what drives you.

Isn't about talent; it's about potential

And striving continually to realise it. That's the satisfaction of being an SJAC athlete. It's an inner satisfaction; using your natural talent and combining that with practice and hard work to be the best you can be.

Is about working together

With fellow athletes, parents and coaches to develop and prepare; working on the things it takes to get you on to the team and ready to compete.

Means being coachable

Willing to learn from everyone all of the time.

Is about having goals

And having a plan for how you are going to achieve them.

Is about having athletic intelligence

Knowing yourself and your body; not comparing yourself to others.  Constantly reminding yourself that you are the master of your athletic destiny.  Remember it is up to you, not your coaching team, your support team or your parents.

Is more than 2 hours a week on a Saturday  

The more involved you are with the club, the more you will get out of it.

Is about trying new things

And not being afraid to adopt new training techniques

Can be physically and emotionally tough

It is taking that extra step, paying closer attention to detail, doing that workout when everyone else is taking the day off. It is constantly pushing the boundaries of your abilities.

Is about having fun

It's not all about being a champion - it's about enjoying the journey in pursuit of your potential.

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