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Introducing SJAC

A word from the Chair

A very warm welcome to Slough Junior Athletics Club!  

Over many years, I've been privileged to coach young athletes of all abilities, and I'm extremely proud that Slough Junior Athletics Club has been recognised as one of the most forward thinking and successful athletics clubs in England.

A common misconception about athletics clubs is that they're all about "running".  At SJAC it definitely isn't.  We aim to guide athletes through a broad curriculum that has been developed in conjunction with England Athletics.  This starts with the FUNdamentals of movement and then covers many basic athletic and physical movement skills that will stand children in good stead across all sports, not just athletics.


We work with athletes from the age of 5 upwards, and have a well balanced, long-term and common-sense approach to every aspect of athlete, coach and team development.  As our young athletes progress, they move through ability-based training groups, ensuring they are secure and competent in the skills required for the various athletic disciplines they will encounter.  These disciplines include:

  • Running at speed and over hurdles

  • Running for distance

  • Jumping for height and for distance

  • Throwing

While older athletes do tend to train in event-specific and appropriate groups depending on their experience and ability, we aim to maintain an all-round, multi-event development programme for as long as possible.

But more than anything, our over-riding aim is for children to enjoy the sport, to learn, develop and have fun.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, please do have a good look around.  I hope it will give you a good feel for what we are all about.

Conrad J Rowland, Chair

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