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We would love you to get involved!


Without volunteers, we simply wouldn't be able to run the club, but there are many different ways you can help out and get involved.  It can be very a rewarding experience, and as little or as much effort as you want it to be.


Here are a few ways you can help the Club:

Coaching and Officiating

The club has a strong coaching team but we are always looking for more support, especially from adult coaches.  If you've ever thought about coaching, but been afraid to ask, please do talk to us

"We have found it helps us in our work environment"

"It gives us a different perspective on what we do and even on our parenting"

"It's great to have this on my CV"

We encourage and welcome any member or family member who wishes to become a qualified coach or official to join the team.  We provide all the training you'll need to become a qualified England Athletics coach as well as giving you ongoing support and mentoring - whether you are young, old, experienced or new to athletics.    

The same principle also applies to officiating.  Without Track & Field officials we'd have no competitions!


What's more, in order for the Club to be able to compete we have to provide a team of athletes AND a team of officials.   In most leagues, without a full complement of officials we cannot compete; in others there are points available for a full complement of officials.  You can start helping officials at an event without any qualifications, just enthusiasm and common sense.  But we also can enrol you on a training and qualification pathway with England and UK Athletics.  So, if you think you'd prefer this side of volunteering please say so and we can get the ball rolling.


Team Management 

Helping with the organisation of teams at the various events during the year is a vital role.  Making sure athletes (especially our younger ones)  know when and where they are supposed to be helps ensure everything remains calm in the heat of competition!

Committee and Organisation

We're always looking for new members and fresh pairs of eyes to support the committee.  If you have a particular skill, interest or passion which you think would be of value to the club we would love to hear from you.

Sponsorship and Support

We try our best to keep our fees affordable, but we are consistently under pressure.  Occasionally we support athletes and invest in items which stretch the club's funds - in these instances, donations of support, both pro-bono and financial are most welcome.


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