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Annual and Termly Fees

We operate a very simple fee structure.  We charge termly training fees in addition to an annual membership fee.  Our training year runs in line with the school year - from 1st September to 31st August.


The annual membership fee is payable regardless of which point during the year you join us.  Termly training fees are payable by the start of each term.


For prospective members, we offer a two week trial before membership and termly fees are payable.  All athletes are given a free club training T-Shirt, worth £15, when they join the Club.


Current fees are as follows:

Annual Membership
£20 per athlete 

Termly Training Fees
SATURDAY SESSIONS: £80 per athlete
There is a discounted fee of £60 for the third athlete and £45 for the fourth athlete, if you have three or four siblings at the club


Monday & Wednesday - £25 per athlete per term

i.e. if you attend Monday and Wednesday you will pay £50 per term 

Tuesday or Thursday - £35 per athlete per term


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