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Important Competition Information


This post contains important information about competitions. We apologise it is quite long but there is information you need to know. If you are reading it on your ‘phone please be patient and read on….it will be worth your while and may save you some time!!



We encourage as many athletes as possible to take part in competitions throughout the year. Whilst many of our young athletes tend to gain their first competitive experience through our internal club term championships, we also take part in a large number of externally organised events. Some of these we enter and compete in as a team, while others require individuals to enter as representatives of the club.

We believe that competitions are important on a number of fronts - they build camaraderie and teamwork (especially when relays are concerned) - and just as importantly build resilience, respect and humility when handling success or disappointment.



The outdoor season comprises a combination of competitions for individual athletes, the club with our athletes competing as part of a team, and schools.

Individual Athlete Competitions

The outdoor season for individual athletes typically comprises a number of different Young Athlete Meetings (YAM’s), Open meetings and County and National Championship events.

This starts on 30th March this year with the Bracknell Young Open Meeting.



​​We compete as a club in, the Wessex Young Athlete League (WYAL or Wessex League) which is a competitive league with a good standard of performance appropriate to the majority of our athletes.

We compete in four fixtures providing league competition for U11s (QuadKids) and U13, U15 and U17 boys and girls teams, each with their own separate league as well as a combined league.

Wessex League teams are selected based on availability and performances - there are also opportunities for non-scoring athletes to enter - we do what we can to allow as many as possible to compete whilst also looking to perform as well as we can as a club in the league.



Schools run their own schedule of competitions across the different age groups at District, County and then National level. We do not have any control over this - it is all run by your child’s school.

We can however offer advice, speak with schools and even provide a little gentle persuasion when required to ensure your child is taking part in the appropriate schools based competitions. Please do not hesitate to speak with Conrad or Francesca about this.

Here is a link to our latest competitions schedule as we know it so far: CLICK HERE



All individual competitions require you to enter yourself. Details of how to do this (website) are shown on the schedule. For the Wessex League we ask your availability, select a team and inform everyone in good time. You do not have to enter.


To compete in most competitions the athlete must be at least 9 years of age on the day of the competition. Age groups are based on age at 31st August in the year of competition, in the same way as school years.

Therefore, work out your child’s age on 31st August. If they are 11 or 12 they compete as U13’s; aged 13 and 14 they are U15’s; and aged 15 and 16 they are U17’s


This is a pre-requisite for all athletes competing in any competition from U13 age group and older. If you do not have an EA Registration Number it is unlikely you will be able to register for a competition. Please contact Conrad who will sort out your registration.

U11 athletes do not need to have an EA number.



Please do not hesitate to speak with Conrad or Francesca about competitions, who should be entering what and when.

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